RT AC3100 fails to get NTP: "NTP sync error"

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New Around Here

I have a RT AC3100, and its clock is set to 2018. Unfortunately, the VPN service it provides requires that the clock be correct. Because the date is wrong, logging in over VPN fails. There's an error like this in the system log:
May  4 23:10:37 vpnserver1[1390]: x.x.x.x:x VERIFY ERROR: depth=1, error=certificate is not yet valid: C=TW, ST=TW, L=Taipei, O=ASUS, CN=RT-AC3100, [email protected]

NTP isn't working either. I see messages in the system log saying that NTP is failing:
May  4 23:10:40 reboot scheduler: [timecheck] NTP sync error
I don't know *why* NTP is failing, though.

Here are my current NTP settings:
NTP Server: pool.ntp.org

I've figured out the following workaround:
1. Enable SSH
2. Log in and run ntpclient -h pool.ntp.org -s
3. Log out.

The problem with this workaround is that the moment I reboot this router, the clock will go right back to 2018, so this solution isn't permanent.

Does anyone have any suggestions on:
1) A permanent solution
2) Debugging steps for NTP that I should try?

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