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Wired DSL-AC68U as an AiMesh node with GNUTON 386.9 f/ware

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Hi All,

I currently have two DSL-AC68u both running the Merlin 386.9-GNUTON1 firmware. One is configured as the router and the other as the node. To address the occasional drop out of the eufy security cameras connected to the node, I have run an ethernet cable from the router to the node, only to find out that Asus do not support the hardwired feature on this model.

Is there any way to use the DSL node via an ethernet connection and not WiFi, what would be the steps required? Would installing the RT-AC68U firmware resolve this?

Welcome to the forums @primaldad.

As WAN is DSL, I don't believe there is anything you can do to add an Ethernet Port as a WAN input.

For this same reason, AP Mode is also not supported, I believe (which requires a wired backhaul).
AP mode is supported. It's been a while but I believe one of the LAN ports is used as WAN.
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So it seems like primaldad would lose Guest Network propagation to the node, but gain a more stable connection between the main router and the AP by configuring the node as an AP.

Installing the RT-AC68U firmware will not fix anything. DSL and RT models are incompatible w/regards to the firmware.
To run in AP mode you'll need to locate and download specific firmware that enables the function, as well as other features.
The page says it's unstable, but it's proven not to be in various modes. I know it's an older firmware, but as it's not directly connected to the net security should not be an issue.
Thank you for the warm welcome and support, I'll give the snapshot feature repeater firmware a crack and report back.

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