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RT AC68U and RT AC59U V2 Aimesh problem

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New Around Here
hi i'm new to this forum! I have two wireless routers that I would like to connect in AImesh mode, the problem I have is that they cannot connect, both have the latest available firmware, but since they are different models, is there an incompatibility between them, the process freezes at 15% and then it ends with the message saying that they could not connect. My goal is to extend the network coverage area without having two different wifi networks, I mean different ssid, somehow to combine both with the AC68U router as root.

Thank you 😊
Welcome to the forums @adriansoare.

Try this:
  • Connect the router wired, main router LAN port to node WAN port. Once connected, wait 15 minutes, unplug the node, and move to the location you want to use it.
  • If that doesn't work, do the above, but first, perform a full reset on the router you want to use as the node.
  • If that doesn't work, power off the main router, pull the power plug from both the router and the wall AC plug, and after waiting a few minutes, try connecting the node (via wired) again.
  • If all the above doesn't work, reset both routers to factory defaults, and test that you can get them to join in AiMesh mode before you continue setting them up manually (do not use a saved backup config file, it will negate the full reset you just did).
Here, I find that my ac59u V2 is not Aimesh compatible, i think that only this models are compatible to pairing, https://www.asus.com/networking-iot...filter?Series=AiMesh-WiFi-Routers-and-Systems
Are you joking?
AiMesh is supported, but this model RT-AC59U V2 is generally for (...). See my described problems.... I did AiMesh


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