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RT-AC86U - 2Ghz Wifi Dying - AIMesh Node Question

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New Around Here
I had a quick question for those here who might know better.

I am on my second RT-AC86U as the first had the 2Ghz channel die and was replaced by Asus. It appears the replacement (a 2019 model) is now suffering the same fate. All of a sudden all the devices on the 2ghz wifi will start losing its connection to the point where a restart is necessary. Additionally when my iphone leave and returns home, if it connects to the 2ghz wifi, it will connect and then lose all connectivity to the point of not having any throughput regardless of how close I am to the router.

I ordered a replacement router (GT-AX6000) which is scheduled to arrive today.

As the wifi on the RT-AC86U is dying I considered briefly trying to set it up as an AIMesh Node. But I was not sure if anyone else had done that with a problematic RT-AC86U. I figured it might be beneficial to extend the 5ghz channel into the backyard but expected the 2ghz may not be stable enough at this point.

In reviewing the thread earlier on the temperature issues, mine is running currently around 80C which I understand is a bit warmer than wanted but not yet seriously concerning.

Any thoughts? Could this just cause more issues than running the 6000 by itself? Thanks in advance.

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