RT-AC86U Bricks after restore settings

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I have over a dozen RT-AC86U routers running Merlin 384.17. I have 2 of these routers that when I do a restore settings to my standard default configuration (which worked find on the other 10 or so), it causes the router to flash its power light on and off and disable and enable the Ethernet connections over and over. I cannot communication with the router after the restore.

I can reload the firmware and get it back to a factory configuration, and I can manually configure the router, but any time I try to restore my default configuration, the same problem repeats.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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Do you still have the original router loaded with the config? You could use the NVram tool to backup those settings and restore. Are you sure its a 86u and not a 68 unit? I ask because you'd be surprised how many people transpose those.



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It's not exactly clear what you're doing from your post but a "Save setting" file should only be used on the router that created it (and running the same firmware version). You should not restore from a file that was created on different router even if it was the same model. Restoring to a different router is not supported and can lead to unpredictable behaviour.
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