RT-AC86U - can I upload the router settings via command line, from a USB drive?


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Hello everyone,
on an Asus Merlin router (I have RT-AC86U), is it possible to upload a saved file of router settings via command line, logged into the router via ssh? (You ordinarily do this at the Admin menu - Restore/Save/Upload settings). I would probably have to use a USB drive plugged into the router also (?)
Thank you

Nobody has mentioned yet, but why would you want to restore settings? Generally when you do a reset, you are trying to get rid of old configs and start fresh. Each codebase changes some stuff and uploading a previous config can just restore (or cause new) gremlins. Basically the same as doing a "dirty upgrade".

While it is more time consuming, I just take screen shots and manually re-enter everything. Any JFFS scripts you can copy to a text file and paste back in, but if it is a script that modifies nvram variables etc, good to check and make sure none of those variables have been renamed or had their behavior changed. Rare but have seen it.


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