RT-AC86U slow 5ghz wireless

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I have recently moved ISP from BT Fibre 250 FTTP to Zen Fibre 500 FTTP (UK) Running speed tests over wired everything appears to be coming in at the speed i signed up for 500 down, however i have noticed over wireless my speed has halfed and the best i have managed to get is about 250 down. I am using AC wireless cards test this, before when with BT over wireless i used to get near enough the speeds on wired. I expect there will be some drop off in speed over wireless but not half, can anyone help?


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When you test speed you must test 3 things, separately...

First - internal network; your devices to/from your wifi router
Second - to/from the Internet and a wired device (tells the true speed through your firewall/router)
Third (last) - speed from your router to your internal Wifi devices.

I have 2 AC86Us : device to router speeds vary a lot based on many factors; location; materials between, etc. My typical connections range between 250 to 550 and up to 750. You can see device speed on Android by opening the Wifi connection details, not sure on Apple devices (I dont have any), and you can get many free Wifi apps that will tell you connection speed and do tests (Wifi man, etc)
Also, if a device is too close to the router, under 5 ft or so, it can have problems with speed or staying connected (this is normal for all wifi).

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