RT-AC88U - AP Isolation

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Just got a Google Home Hub for Christmas. Connecting it to our 2.4 GHz channel on the router. It throws an error during setup saying I need to disable AP Isolation on the wifi router. I log into the GUI for the router and it shows it is set to "no".

Is there something I'm missing? Any other settings I need to change? I tried connecting to the 5GHz channel and that was fine. However, I want it on the 2.4 one along with all my other connected devices.


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My sons Google Home Mini wouldn't work when double NAT'ed.
It didn't give any errors. It just couldn't connect to "home" that way.

His router was behind the dsl provided gateway which provides a NAT connection and then his router was doing network address translation for everything behind it.
AT&T doesn't provide an actual bridge mode for that gateway. I reconfigured the (Pace ugh!) dsl gateway to put his router in the DMZ. which solved that problem. And his world was good, again. For now.

I'm not sure if this will fix your problem, but it might be helpful at some point.

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