RT-AC88U - HomeKit Issues after upgrading to 386.4

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I have a number of native HomeKit devices on my network as well as several pseudo-HomeKit devices (non HomeKit devices which don't natively support HomeKit but support it indirectly via HomeBridge). Even on a good day, the reporting of device status on my iOS HomeKit app can be a little flaky, although in general it's fairly reliable (I'm aware of the various tweaks that can be made under the Wireless -> Professional config screen to help improve HomeKit compatibility). Anyway, I recently upgraded the firmware on my RT-AC88U from 386.3_2 to 386.4 and immediately noticed that each of the devices in my HomeKit app displayed a status of 'No response'. When I reverted back to 386.3_2, normal service was restored, so out of curiosity I upgraded to 386.4 again - and once again, my HomeKit devices became unreachable. Rolled back to 386.3_2 and all was good. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar behaviour?

Anecdotally, whilst running 386.4 and tweaking some of the settings in the Wireless -> Professional config screen and applying these settings, for a brief period I observed that HomeKit devices would become reachable again for a short period, before indicating 'No response' again a short time later - I wonder if one of the services which is stopped/restarted during the application of new wireless settings is somehow interfering with HomeKit?

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