RT-AX88U random wifi drops

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Hi guys,

From time to time my router (running latest merlin fw - btw @RMerlin thanks!) drops wifi connections - literally disables all wifi networks (but still accessible through lan) and after (ca.) 30-60 seconds wifi backs again. Any help? DFS is switched off. Log attached.
Oh, btw - in the log I got incorrect (May?) date logged - don't know where it comes from :-(

Any help is greatly appreciated



Asuswrt-Merlin dev


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Hi @RMerlin it took me a while but has to say that none of the following tips worked :(
Quick addendum, as I lack the time to maintain the original post:

In newer routers, if you experience wireless stability issues then it's recommended that you disable the following options:

  • MU-MIMO (some hardware revisions have non-functional/unreliable implementations)
  • Airtime Fairness (causes connectivity issues for various devices, including wireless printers)
  • Universal Beamforming (non-standard, might cause compatibility issues with some clients)
What can I do now? Can You please help me out?


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You may want to try the suggestions below to see if you can get your router back to a good/known state and let your router use the expected defaults of the firmware currently running on it.

I suggest you use RMerlin firmware 386.1 Beta 4 or later before doing the procedures below.

Fully Reset Router and Network

New M&M 2020

Further notes and suggestions in the link below.

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