RT N66U - unable to upload John's Merlin Fork

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I just tried to upload John's merlin fork on my ASUS RT N66U router however when I clicked upload nothing happened... It would say please wait while we apply the settings then nothing. It would return to the administration page with the file still in the upload area (un-uploaded).

The firmware I downloaded is the latest one released Dec 2020 - RT-N66U_374.43_46E8j9527.trx

The router is currently running ASUS firmware

Could anyone help me with this?

Thank you!


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You can't flash @john9527's RMerlin fork like that.



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It worked fine for me & my N66U with Asus restoration tools and a win10 laptop wired with network cable (as it is a version downgrade 382 to 374 LTS)...
I can help you if you're stuck.


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You may need the Asus restoration tool or alternatively, the Mini-CFE Web server. An earlier upgrade of Asus-WRT complied with FCC dictates and removed the ability to upgrade (or downgrade, if you will) to forks using the older kernel (earlier versions allowed one to upgrade the transmitter power so they made it nearly impossible). Merlin, based on current Asus-WRT followed suit. I don't use Window$ or even have a copy of XP any longer so had to use the Mini-CFE...worked a charm. But please don't ask me how I got it...aging memory. It had something to do with button presses and powering down and up. I suppose I could get it by "hunt and peck" if I had to.

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