Security Camera Hub Not Showing On Router

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My Arlo Smarthub is ethernet connected to my router and is functioning correctly.
A USB storage device connected and access is offered to it through their Android app when Smarthub and phone on the same network. (yes) The app is showing the USB drive connected with correct status.
My router previously showed it connected on the GUI Network Map page but it no longer does, even after rebooting router and device.
The Smarthub does have internet connection through my router and all features are working properly on the cloud side.
A factory reset was performed prior to the installation of this camera system and access to USB storage on the app did work at one point.
Router shows my phone connected at
Arlo app seems to show the hub at (see image - do not intend on using port forwarding just went there to find IP info)
My router is at
Thank you.


Val D.

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My router previously showed it connected on the GUI Network Map page but it no longer does
If the device IP is assigned by the router via DHCP, then it shows on the Network Map. Very often devices with fixed/self assigned IP do not show up there. Don't count too much on Network Map, it's not a reliable source of information. I have a VoIP wireless bridge with fixed IP and I've never seen it on any ASUS router, for example.


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I remember reading that too about not relying on Network Map.
I got wondering why the hub was showing on 192.168.1.x when the router it was connected to is at Logged onto my ISP router and sure enough, (as am sure many have already silently guessed) hub was connected there.
Full disclosure - rookie mistake - found that when I moved my router to my office to get distance separation (interference) from the hub, had (through the mess of cables) inadvertently connected hub to ISP router instead of my wireless router.
All working now with access to hub-connected USB - for a brief moment in time I was a network troubleshooter!

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