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My IP camera shows a static IP

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Lee MacMillan

Senior Member
Was looking at my connected devices list and it shows my Wyze IP camera with a static IP. Everything else is DHCP. I don't recall giving it a static IP. There is nothing in the manually assigned IP table. The camera is on my guest network with most of my other IoT devices. Is that just a mistake in the listing? I assume the camera can't do it on its own. I just flashed 388.5 today. I don't recall seeing this before but it's probably been a week or two at least since the last time I looked at this list.
Don't believe everything Network Map shows you. It has been buggy for years on pretty much all firmwares.
I occasionally see the same thing as DHCP assigned devices show up as static and sometimes devices with a static IP show up as DHCP. In all cases the IP is correct just not how the device got it.

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