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Site to Site RT-AXE7800 and RT-AX58U

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New Around Here
I got a problem, and i dont know why :) . So lets say Site A its under RT-AXE7800 and B its RT-AX58U
A got
B got


B ->

I want to connect A to B bidirectional , so any PC/equipament under A can acces any PC/equipament under B and viceversa and for this i have used WiregardVPN as advertised in Asus manual

A - wiregard server
B - wiregard client conected in VPN Fusion

The problem its, A can acces equipament under B , but cant acces router B ( ) and from Site B u cant acces nothing in Site A ( even the router who its ) , so its no bidirectional . I have tested also using ping application from asus router B ( ) testing all devices from A , its not working . But if u test from router A ( ) all devices from Site B have ping , but the router B ( ) its ping timeout
Also i switched B server A Client , same issue , Site B cant acces Site A

Do you have any ideeas ?

Before RT-AXE7800 i got a GT-AC2900 and site to site was working fine using OpenVpn and some static route on PCs - it stoped working after WireGuard VPN patch , and as GT-AC2900 dosent support WireGuard i was forced to buy a new router RT-AXE7800

Thanks in advance and Best Regards

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