The IPQ heart of the Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 (AC2600)


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Going by chipset maker press releases, and the timeline for what has been made available to router makers from them to sample, it is safe to assume the Netgear R7800 is a 100% Qualcomm-based chip solution. However, not much has been published to my knowledge (and by Google searching) about a 1.7GHz IPQ chip from Qualcomm.

A Google search turned up the attached QCA “roadmap.” It lists the IPQ8065 at 1.7GHz. My question is what other (if any) improvements beyond clock speed exist in the IPQ8065 chip? What about the dual-core network accelerator engine that ran at 730MHz in the IPQ8064? Has that seen a clock speed improvement as well?


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I also looked into it on Google and even supply/distribution sites and I assumed it might be an IPQ8066 and I did finlly find a link to an IPQ8066 at a supply site but that required a login for the PDF (which I don't have as I don't buy chipsets lol)

EDIT: I see your image shows an IPQ8065, odd I assumed they would jump two numbers up like with 8064 and 8062. I assume the IPQ8065 is just a clock speed upgrade.

I see the new chipset shows 4 stream MU-MIMO support vs 3 on the previous (like most MU-MIMO routers), I wonder if that is a typo.

This Apple engineer makes mention of adding IPQ-8066 support in OpenWRT in his profile so I wonder if thats a 2Ghz part then?

I just found out there is even a IPQ8068 lol.
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Even better if you can overclock them including changing the voltage. The days when there were no TDP limits and phones could overclock far as long as power and cooling were sufficient.


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This Apple engineer makes mention of adding IPQ-8066 support in OpenWRT in his profile so I wonder if thats a 2Ghz part then?

Nice find... can't say anything one way or the other...

Having an ex-QCOM/Atheros guy working on stuff at Apple is perhaps interesting... Airports, however, are BSD based, not Linux, nor OpenWRT, but generally design follows thru... Apple has played all the vendors - Marvell, Broadcom, Atheros - so who knows what they have up their collective sleeve...

Just saying that the AC1900 class Airport Extreme AC/TimeCapsule AC are long overdue, as is the Airport Express... they're all solid, just falling behind the market..

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