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Upload/download speed when connecting to NAS (via USB) on WRT610N

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When uploading and downloading files to my USB NAS, what type of speed should I expect to see? I'm topping out around 1.5MB/sec, but shouldn't I be able to achieve 54MB/sec on a G connection? As far as I know, G connections can do 54MB/sec and I see that i'm connected to my router at 54, and USB 2.0 is supposed to 300MB/sec. Am I missing something? Thanks!

G average (24, 30, 48) real speeds)) (54 is chipset speed)

USB 2.0 is suppose to be 480mbps depends on your system USB Bus might be lower when other devices share the USB controller.
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The NAS feature on Linksys routers is very slow, running 3 - 4 MBytes/s maximum. (24 - 32 Mbits/s).

802.11g will provide around 20 Mbits/s of actual throughput, best case (client and router in same room). So I'm not surprised at the speed you are seeing. 54 Mbps is the link rate, which is the raw bit rate without any protocol or retransmission overhead.

Be careful not to confuse bits and bytes. B = bytes, b = bits, 8 bits in a Byte.

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