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VLAN supporting main router with non-vlan supported AIMesh nodes

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New Around Here
Hi all,

I have a question related to the way that AIMesh works with different router models.

I am in need of a VLAN solution for different kinds of devices of my network (home server, smart bulbs, etc). I would like to define a VLAN for each WIFI network SSID i create on the router (that would also entail the multiple WIFI ssid's creation feature, but guest networks are also fine).

After using DDWRT for a good amount of time, I moved to using an ASUS device because of the AIMesh feature and some other things.

I have 2 XT9's that are part of an AIMesh with ethernet backhaul. As the official vlan documentation on asus website, that model do not support vlan. I am currently using the isolated network setting on guest networks for the device type isolation.

I saw a promotion on the ET12 on amazon, and according to the same link stated above, it supports the vlan feature.

My questions are:
  • If i buy the ET12 and use its vlan feature, will the XT9's support it as well, or not?
  • Will the ethernet assignment on the XT9's work for, let's say, if I put a cabled wifi repeater on a ethernet port?
  • If the ET12 does not work for my setup, what should I do? Maybe try to write the merlin distro for XT9 :D
Thanks in advance :D
what should I do

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