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VPN Client Problem

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I have 3 guest networks connected to 3 different OpenVPN clients with Yazfi. (client instances 1,3 and 5)
"Accept DNS Configuration" is set to Exclusive on all 3 clients but I have a new problem where Client 1 has no internet unless DNS (on Client 1 only) is changed to Strict or Relaxed.

1) What could be the cause of one client not providing internet when DNS is set to Exclusive? (shows "Connected" but no internet)
2) Now that we have VPN Director, is Yazfi still required to achieve a setup like this with 3 guest networks each on their own VPN client?

RT-AX88U on latest FW.

Thank you.
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I have noticed another quirk which may or may not be related.
My main guest network does not go to a vpn client but when I connect to it and check it with dnsleaktest it shows my ISP IP but not ISP DNS.


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I have tried connecting Client 1 to many different servers with my VPN provider, (UDP and TCP) it is always the same.
Client 1 always needs a different setting than the other clients for it to work - if set on "Exclusive" like the others, no internet.

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