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Multicast routing SSDP to Wireguard VPN client(s)

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I'd like to be able to use the HDHomerun app on my Android phone using my Wireguard VPN on my RT-AX86U running Merlin. The unfortunate thing is that their app does not support any kind of manual configuration; it insists upon using SSDP on multicast address, and of course when attempting to query against this address with the VPN, it finds nothing. (Using TAP on OpenVPN is a no-go because Android phones do not support TAP without being rooted.)

I suspect this is a twofold problem: Wireguard is probably rejecting/dropping multicast packets entirely, and mcpd likely needs to be configured to handle multicast routing between the Wireguard network and the LAN.

Has anyone set up multicast routing between Wireguard and the LAN before and could share some configuration and/or advice?
Are you sure? The link I sent shows that Jellyfin supports HDHomerun tuners.
I know nothing about HDHR....
There's watching live TV, and there's viewing recordings of live TV. I can watch Live TV already through Plex, because that supports HDHomerun tuners. Plex does not, however, handle HDHomerun DVR recordings, but their own app does. Because their app discovers the DVR using SSDP and has no mechanism for manual configuration, it won't work over VPN. Yes, I've asked them if they could add a manual configuration or configuration caching feature, but that does not exist today.

Thus my need of being able to do multicast routing between Wireguard VPN and the LAN.

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