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Wireguard performance on ASUS XT8 running VPN client

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I have an XT8 running the latest Merlin firmware (GNUTON build).
On this XT8, I have a VPN client running Wireguard.
With Wireguard on, download and upload speeds are both 200 Mbps.
Video passing through wireguard on the router is very choppy and frequently buffers.
When I install wireguard directly on the device (Android TV), the video is smooth.
I cannot figure this out. Does anybody have any ideas?
Thank you.
On your router running WireGuard may have impact on the entire network WAN-LAN performance. Higher models have flow cache offloading, but I can't find information if XT8 has it. WireGuard is NAT acceleration incompatible. If you need VPN for a TV perhaps OpenVPN is good enough.

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