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I've got an odd issue. Not major, but annoying. XT8, running 386.07_2-gnuton1.

Everything has been stellar since moving from stock to Gnuton. Love it. However, at about 7:10am today, the web history log stopped working. Nobody was home at the time, so it's not that someone changed anything. The system logs show no issues at that time, either. I've since cleared the web logs, turned off the function, turned it back on, and the problem remains.

Known issue? Any way to fix?
Known issue?

Yes. I've seen it locking up on AC86U, AX58U, AX86U, AX88U on different stock Asuswrt firmware versions. It's closed source TrendMicro engine and goes to Asuswrt-Merlin and GNUton fork unchanged. Asus has to fix, but it's like that for a very long time. Restart the router to have it running again.

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