Where is rc.unslung launched in current firmware versions?


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I'm doing some troubleshooting and trying to figure out where rc.unslung is launched from?
I'm reading it is in the post-mount or services-start scripts, but I'm not seeing it.

I have done some customization in the past, and usually what I do is I create my script structure like this:

call services-start.settings1
call services-start.settings2

In this way I just have a simple division and I know all my service-start options for "settings1" are in a particular file.
I see one file called post-mount.div and it contains the following:


# Added by amtm Entware installer

OF="$(/usr/bin/find $1/entware*/bin/opkg 2> /dev/null)"

if [ "$OF" ]; then
   ln -nsf "$(echo "$OF" | sed 's~/bin/opkg~~g')" /tmp/opt
   /opt/etc/init.d/rc.unslung start $0

My guess is that *I* moved these settings from post-mount into post-mount.div, but I do not see any call statement pointing to post-mount.div.
IOW, I don't see this rc.unslung getting called from my scripts because this .div script is appears to be an orphaned stub.
Nonetheless, all my services in rc.unslung and init.d are started on boot - and I'm not sure how.



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I believe I found it in the post-mount script:


This looks like it runs. My guess is the code I had in my .div script was from an older install and perhaps I just didn't delete the file.

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