Wi-Fi is sporadic at best.

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I am new to the site but I hope someone can give me a way to fix this. Everything will be working fine and then we will lose Wi-Fi on almost all devices, for about two minutes. I have a AT&T BGW210-700 wireless voice gateway (not using AT&T Wi-Fi)
plugged in to a Asus GT-AX1100, and that is AiMeshed to Asus GT-AC5300. The house is over 2000SqFoot and the routers are located on opposite sides of the house. I have have no clue why this has started. Any ideas of what would cause?


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By what you are saying about loosing WIFI for two minutes it may be that one or both of your 5 GHz bands is resetting due to RADAR detection. Would be best to set the band used for backhaul to a non-DFS channel at 80 MHz. Channel 36 would be a good starting place. I would use 80 MHz because the GT-AC5300 is a WIFI 5 router and will not be able to use the 160 MHz bandwidth.

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