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wired router recommendation 1 wan port 4 eth ports

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I am looking for a quality wired router connected via WAN to fibre 100/100 Mbps.
4 or more LAN ports. I.e 1 WAN port and 4 or more LAN ports
Any suggestions?
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I think judging a router by how many ports it has is silly. Judge the router by how good the router it is. Switches are cheap nowadays.
It’s not a switch I need, but a WAN router wo wifi.
So far my best guess is ubiquiti edgerouter, e.g. ER-X
Ubiquiti ER-X, TP-Link ER605, MikroTik hEX are all similar entry-level business routers. They can do Gigabit only if QoS is not enabled, but will do 100/100 with any option enabled. The easiest to operate with home router like UI is ER605. Some features are available with Omada controller only though.

Thanks for good response, I also shortlisted the 3 mentioned based on e.g. these reviews best wired router and best wired router.
So since I already have some ubiquiti APs I selected ubiquiti ER-X.
Also my experience with support from mikrotik and TP-link is not good, whereas ubiquiti support is OK.
I have removed one Ubiquiti system for "oversupport issues". It was working fine, but the number of updates was crazy. Not sure what's better - few good updates a year or perpetual beta firmware for the life of the product. You perhaps got used to it though so... ER-X is a good choice.
Yes, my experience with TP-Link software is it is not programed well. There are lots of holes.
MikroTik hEX

Microtik is good HW - but I've had serious concerns with the overall security of their firmware...

They've had a lot of issues - not just with defaults, but late responses to vulnerabilities...

Just my opinion, which has little basis in facts
It’s not a switch I need, but a WAN router wo wifi.
So far my best guess is ubiquiti edgerouter, e.g. ER-X

The point was you can have a single LAN port with a cheap switch to give you as many LAN ports as you want. Even switches supporting VLAN are cheap and assuming the router supports vlans also, you get virtually unlimited routed ports that way.

But if you're looking for 100/100 only you could just use a home wifi router like Asus and disable the wifi, if you don't need more advanced stuff like VLANs etc.
If it's going to be a cheap router, I always recommend a MikroTik or ER-X.



I have used MikroTik many years and also EdgeRouter. Only lately I'm testing Asus routers.

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