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New Around Here

I hope you can help me in this question.

I am in city "A" with my laptop, that connects to a ASUS RT-AX86S router. The ASUS router as a VPN WireGuard Client connects to a WireGuard Server router, that is in city "B" (far away). On the ASUS router I am using DoT with a DNS server that is very close to city "B".
So, my public IP address, Geolocation and DNS leak tests show, that I am near city "B". However, when I connect my laptop to Zscaler, Zscaler assumes I am near city "A" so it connects me to a DataCenter close to city "A".

What information is used by Zscaler, that makes its assumption, that I am near city "A" despite all the aboves?
What else should I configure in ASUS, to make Zscaler assume, that I am close to city "B"?

Thank you

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