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Tutorial Wireguard AllowedIPs Calculator

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Hello Everyone,

I discovered a website called Wireguard AllowedIPs Calculator and it fixes my issue. For this reason I want to share with you. First I want to explain my setup:

Scaleway VDS at Amsterdam - Ubuntu 22 (This is my Wireguard Server actually) Wireguard interface:
Home Network - ASUS RT-AX86U Router and latest Merlin firmware on it.
Home Network - Fiber Modem

I tried to redirect only specific Public IP address to Wireguard with using VPN Director. But for this I should make Allowed IPs = But If my Wireguard server off or rebooting, my router shows red light for WAN traffic and there is no traffic. This was the issue.

I realized router tried to send all traffic to Wireguard interface. VPN Director only works after connection turn on. Maybe also DNS issue I don't know. I used below Wireguard AllowedIPs Calculator website and I easily calculated correct Allowed IPs for my setup.

I typed, ::/0 for Allowed IPs,


I typed,,, for Disallowed IPs field and pressed the Calculate button. ( and are my DNSs)

It tells me bellow AllowedIPs:


I added this output to my ASUS router. Result is perfect. If I reboot my server or if connection lost, still I have internet. I would like to share with people. This calculator is very handy. I highly recommend it.
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