Wireless Log Alternative on AIMesh Node?


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For years, I have used an Asus Router and a second Asus Router (in AP mode) as an access point (wired via Cat6). Current hardware is RT-AX86U and RT-AC86U, both running recent RMerlin firmware.

I decided to try out AiMesh, so I reset the AP and set it up as an AiMesh Node with wired backhaul. That went well and everything seems to be working fine (35 wireless clients, 12 wired clients). But there is one bit of "status info" I really miss having for the AIMesh Node.

For wireless devices connected to the router, I can still see the beautiful RMerlin "Wireless Log" that shows all wireless devices, which band they're on, the MAC, IP, RX/TX,, RSSI, duration, and stream type(s). All in one nice table. Is there any way to get something similar for devices connected to the AIMesh node?

I know most of that info (Name, Mac, IP) is on the Router's AiMesh client list, and (for one client at a time) I can click the device to get the details dialog to see band, TX/RX, duration, and signal strength (though not the actual rssi number). But I miss the convenience of having that all visible at once in one table.

Is there any way (via ssh script perhaps) to get a tabular report of wireless stats for the devices connected to the Node?
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I would love to know this too -- how can see the great info in wireless log for main router for all the devices connected to mesh node?

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