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Hello, I am sure this was asked in the past, just could not find the thread.. Appreciate any help.
I have an RT AC5300 on the main floor as my router with a GT AC2900 as a wireless node on the 2nd floor. I get close to 400Mbps when using wifi via the router on the main floor but the speed drops down to 200Mbps when using wifi via the wireless node. Is the speed via the wireless node expected to slow down by half? Thank you.


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If you're NOT using a wired backhaul between the nodes on a mesh network, then yes, you will see your bandwidth reduced by half, since the two nodes and your wireless client can NOT communicate at the same time. They have to share the frequency and take turns sending and receiving, cutting the effective bandwidth in half. And as you add more nodes (and concurrent wireless clients), things get even worse. That's why a wired backhaul (which allows the nodes to communicate over ethernet rather than wireless) is preferred. But that's not always practical for obvious reasons.

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