XT8 in Access Point mode with Red LED

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,

Sorry if this question has been asked before but I did a search and could not find anything similar.

I currently have a Telus fibre Optic modem which is I believe an Actiontec T3200M, along with 1Gb plan. I have not put the telus modem in bridge mode because I heard that doing that causes issues with my telus tv boxes which are hard wired. I have turned off the Telus wireless.

It was suggested that I put the XT8 modem in Access Point mode and run both units in a Wired Backhaul setup.

I followed the following Asus Support Faq. using Scenario #3

[AiMesh] How to set up ASUS AiMesh or ZenWiFi Mesh Ethernet backhaul under different conditions ? (Advanced setup with network switch) | Official Support | ASUS Canada

Everything seems to be running correctly but due to my lack of knowledge, I wouldn't know if I was getting the best speed or use of my new XT8's. The switch that I am using is a TP Link 16-Port Gigabit Easy Smart Switch TL-SG116E.

My speeds are not really close to what others with 1Gb plans appear to be getting. Using a speed test link on my phone, I am sometimes getting over 400 Mbps but other times it is around 60Mbps.

My main question is that currently my Main Asus XT8 modem that is set up in Access Point mode is showing a solid red light/LED on the front?? Is this normal for being put in Access point mode? The ethernet cable is going from the switch to the Lane#1 port on the modem as per Asus's setup direction I posted a link to.

The XT8 node has ethernet cable going from the switch to the Wan port and it's LED light is white.

Any ideas? Also any ideas why my speed is not close to 1Gb?

Thank you for helping someone new to all of this

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