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"You cannot Login unless logout another user first."

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Sometimes I forgot to log out from my local pc, and when I need to make a change remotely I run into the "
You cannot Login unless logout another user first." issue. Is there a way to ssh into my router to log out the user? Currently, I am dropping wifi, but that seems disruptive.

Thanks many.
Just change the auto log out down to 5/10 minutes

Administration > System.

Should be at the bottom off the page

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Over SSH or Telnet, do
nvram set login_ip=
nvram set login_ip_str=
nvram set login_timestamp=
nvram commit
service restart_httpd
Or the classic one-liner to copy and paste:
nvram unset login_ip;nvram unset login_ip_str;nvram unset login_timestamp;nvram commit;service restart_httpd

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