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  1. samip537

    Bridge an ethernet port to WAN

    Hi there, I'm new here, and I have just yesterday flashed Asuswrt-Merlin on my AC87U. My idea is that I would want one of the Ethernet ports bypass the NAT entirely of the device without disabling it all together as it's needed for the WiFi for example, but the bypass should only be for the...
  2. I

    RT-AC87U cannot see IP ethernet printer (MacOS)

    Hi all, I have an AC87U router which distributes WiFi at the office. MacOS Sierra, Asus FW 378.55 AsusWRT-Merlin. Printer Konica-Minolta Bizhub 224e. The WAN ethernet port of the router is wired to an ethernet switch, where also a Konica Minolta laser printer is connected through ethernet...
  3. T

    FTP permissions with AC87U & Merlin

    Hey all, I'm trying to set up an FTP server on my AC87U with the latest Merlin FW. I've set up DDNS w/No-IP and two sets of permissions on the router: one for me with RW access on everything, and one for friends with read-only access on one folder. When I enter the hostname in a browser...
  4. A

    RT-AC87U Problem start script to block open ports! Asus Merlin 380.59

    Hello Guys, in advance I would apologize for my bad English. I use the OpenVPN Client on my Router to route my internet traffic over VPN. Over the normal WAN IP the ports are not accessible from outside. But when I enable my VPN Connection via "Client 2" some ports are open from outside. The...
  5. toufiq47


    just found out that the new netgear router X10 can host a full functional plex server OMG!! i already tried plex on my RT-AC 87u and that was a success!! you can also try it out my request is @merlin can you compile plex in next...
  6. B

    Has the RT-AC87U been fixed?

    The local store offers a discount on ASUS products this week, incl routers. I'm especially interested in the RT-AC87U, but got a few concerns after reading reviews about it. Can anyone help in letting me know if these bugs have been fixed in the latest firmware updates and/or merlinwrt custom...
  7. W

    Router Overheating (with usb attached storage)?

    I currently own an Asus ac87u with the Asuswrt-Merlin version 380.61 with a 5tb usb hard drive attached via usb 3.0. I also run the Astrill vpn service off the router. Okay to the issue, when I do back up to the usb hard drive using the Acronis software the router seems to go down where I have...
  8. M

    DDNS update fail after update to 380.6+

    After I updated my AC87U to the latest 380.60 beta2, my DDNS configuration to is not working anymore. I only realized that today, so I downloaded the new version 380.61 and updated my router, and DDNS still not working. After I choose server No-IP and correctly insert my login...
  9. E

    [ASUS RT-AC87U] ISP Hostname character problem

    Hello, I'm pretty new here but I have an important question, I'm from Spain and I have a FTTH with the Vodafone ISP, the router they provide is just trash so i decided to replace it with the Asus RT-AC87U but i should specify a hostname (WAN > Special ISP requirement > Hostname) but the hostname...
  10. L

    [Dual WAN] One computer to only use one wan

    Hi, A simple question with perhaps an advance answer. I am gonna get a second wan. Though this is a 4G connection. I have 200gb there and i will use load balancing. Though i do heavy downloads for games, movies etc.... So I want to stick with my ADSL. Thus, I bought an Asus router(ac-87u) for...
  11. glycerin256

    Asus AC87U wireless clients showing as wired

    Greetings, I just picked up anAC87u and am having a few issues. I'm upgrading from a AC68u. There are quite a few wireless clients connected through it, but some of them are showing up as wired in the connected client list on the home page. How could this be? There is only one device directly...