asus rt-ac68u

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  1. bigAboo

    Skynet Skynet error USB not found after USB drive substitution.

    Hello. I remove my old drive and put new USB flash to usb3.0 port on my RT-AC68U. In "amtm" menu I see When I hit 2 i see and so on... How can I solve this installation problem?
  2. B

    Bypassing Merlin router-based VPN for specific software

    I have an ASUS RT-AC68U running Merlin, and PIA VPN. I want to run the traffic for my LG WebOS TV through the VPN and there is no way to install a VPN client on the TV locally (which would be the easiest way to switch the tunnel on/off) so my only viable solution is to run it through the router...
  3. A

    ASUS RT-AC68U won’t download Astrill applet

    I’m using an ASUS RT-AC68U router with Merlin 384.19 firmware. I understand Telnet does not work so I’m having to use PuTTY to try and download the Astrill applet. When I put in the command into PuTTY it comes back with this response. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. If someone...
  4. F

    Asus RT-AC68U, block devices behind WAN

    Hello, Not very experienced on network things so I'm seeking help. I have following setup: -Asus RT-AC68U (Merlin) -Arris TG2492S (cable modem + 4 port router, control partly restricted by ISP provided). -Two home automation devices (LAN only, no wifi so I cannot utilize Asus guest network...
  5. N

    Asus RT-AC68U: WAN speed is 100mbit only

    Hello. Don't know what to try anything else. Here is the story. Couple days ago I noticed that internet speed became only 100mbit instead of 300mbit, that ISP promised. I made a call and they told me that everything is ok on their side and I have "cable breach". Well, cable is OK but I've...
  6. G

    VLAN or Isolated LAN for IP Cameras using ASUS RT-AC68U?

    First off, not sure if this is the best route, but I do have an ASUS RT-AC68R (same is U) for my router. What I want to do is setup a VLAN or Isolated LAN, also heard it called a Walled Garden, for my IP Cameras. I see people talking about it but no actual setup descriptions or instructions...
  7. D

    Tenda AC18 & Merlin software

    I purchased a Tenda AC18. On receipt going to the router settings, everything was not in a language that I could understand (Chinese). I installed Merlin software ( for Asus RT-AC68U ) on Fri 2019-Jul-26, and everything has been working great (set to English ). I made many configurations, and...
  8. S

    3G/4G Dongle connected but no internet

    Hi, I moved into a new house a couple of days ago and set up broadband early so we'd have internet access quickly. I've been told there's a 'construction issue' so there will be a delay. I need constant internet access for my 3D rendering program and access to my router for the NAS. The best...
  9. ihoman202

    Need Help Resetting IPSet / IPTables

    I have ASUS Merlin on an ASUS RT-AC68U on the latest firmware as of this post it's 384.13 and decided to try the Asus Merlin SkyNet Project but it made things really bizzard really quickly - My Family uses Charter / Spectrum and I use a Verizon Modem on my own ASUS routers - regardless both of...
  10. E

    Asus RT-AC68U does not recognize it Sierra AirCard 754S

    Hello, I have a Sierra AirCard 754S modem and I am trying to connect it to an Asus RT-AC68U router but it does not connect. My router has Merlin 384.10_2. Could someone help me set up a script or give me instructions how to make the router recognize this modem?
  11. N

    Asus rt-ac68u. Usb 3.0 wifi interference setting

    Hi. My usb3 flash drive is not working on the usb 3.0 port. I read on this forum that disabling this parameter can solve my issue : But i cant find the parameter in...
  12. C

    VPN Client no longer shows service state / can't update

    Hardware: ASUS RT-AC68U running 380.69_2 Problem: Running VPN on router, but 1) no longer indicating service state, 2) no longer able to update Ovpn files, and 3) sidebar is missing as shown below. The client appears to still be running as the VPN provider is still indicating that I'm...
  13. P

    BT Business Hub > ASUS RT-AC68U > Guest Log In

    Hi all I'm going to apologise in advance for my helplessness. I've been thrust into a situation without much experience and am trying to do all I can before admitting defeat. A small venue is looking to set up guest log in for their wi-fi, including data capture in the form of email addresses...
  14. scooby

    Wireless Clients won't connect to internet once OpenVPN is on. Help

    I have followed @yorgi guide setting up the vpn. So far so good. vpn connects and ip address is different. Only problem is ip address from vpn does not change which worries me. but that is another problem. I have also setup guest ssids. The issue I have now is that wireless clients like my...
  15. A

    Asus RT-AC68U (AsusWRT) DDNS problem

    It seems that I would need some help getting DDNS to work with AsusWRT 380.65. I am using an Asus RT-AC68U router, which is behind another router (and therefore does not get an external IP itself). I am using as the dynamic DNS service. lets the hostname be updated...
  16. Julesatlanta


    According to the Asus RT-AC68U documentation this router can be setup as a OpenVPN server that masks ALL transmission from all devices WITHOUT adding vpn software to each device. I cant get any info on doing this. Does anyone know how to do this so I don't have to purchase vpn service from a...
  17. D

    Networking and connecting 2 homes

    Hello all, My knowledge of networking is quite minimal. Reading through many forums and articles, I still remain mostly unsure about which setup to purchase. 1. Cost is not a limiting factor but hope to be reasonable. 2. Range should about 50 feet, connecting 2 townhouses separated by 1...
  18. W

    Asus RT-AC68U - Save multiple WAN settings

    I am using a Asus RT-AC68U and often need to switch between multiple ISP accounts I use. Reasons range from ISP network congestion/speed to available cap on the account. Regardless, having to change the username and password manually each time I switch is what I would like to eliminate. Is it...
  19. Daniel Flynn

    LAN Connection keeps dropping while WAN is fine

    A little background So I have a very complex problem here, I'll explain my setup. I have a Vodafone Huawei HG658c Modem/Router connected to my DSL port near the front door, it's in IP Routed mode connected to Vodafone VDSL and is also the DHCP server for the house. But since it is in a corner at...
  20. lucasj29

    Stop mouted drive from spinning when not it use

    I have the latest version of Merlin FW install on a ASUS RT-AC68U router, and have connected a USB 3 drive to run media off, but this drive spins 24/7. How do I set the drive to stop spinning when not being accessed? Thanks!