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MoCA POE Filter Goes Where in Picture?

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Long time lurker, first time poster. Need help updating the coax cable box.

Given the following (but not married to any of them):
My thoughts were to swap out the SV-4G with the Cable Matters 4-way splitter (as cable box unopened in over a decade or more).
Should POE filter be installed on the EV01-9-UU where I drew the arrow? Or can it go outside the cable box?
I get anything obviously wrong?

Merci beaucoup!


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depends on what you are doing with the coax cabling and if the ISP coax ( or tv ) is being used under DOCCIS3.1 ( or using bands in the MOCA spectrum. Depends on where that DOCCIS modem is located as well.
Usually, you would put a MOCA POE filter trap at the top of the network tree structure that will be using MOCA. So could be anywhere in your cabling in theory.

Does the PPC splitter include a MOCA filter on the input ? some do.

Are are of the splitters compatible with MOCA 2 or 2.5 ?

A coax network map sketch with all devices, model #s shown would help both you and us.
House was built in 2004 so it predates MoCA 1.0 (2006), 1.1 (2007), 2.0 (06/2010), & 2.5 (04/2016). Wire/coax has not been rerun. Comcast service technician changed something (likely splitter) early on during troubleshooting call but unsure what -- it wasn't considered expensive whatever it was (free).

Cable box is located in closet on the other side of wall from office where cable modem is located.
Can't really say much about wiring coming into the house, as it enters on west side of the house and comes up in the closet (east side). There are at least a dozen female wall coax receptacles throughout various rooms of two-story house. Sorry, I'm not a network technician -- do I need one to add MoCA adapters?

Cable Box: (likely anyway)
PPC EVO1-9-U/U 9 Port Amplifier
SV-4G Commscope Coaxial 5-1000Mhz 4-Way Splitter
* Replace this splitter with Amphenol ABS314H 4-Way Coaxial Splitter (MoCA 2.5)

Motorola MB8611 2.5Gbps DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
  • DOCSIS 3.1 (blue)
  • 2+ bonded channels down (blue) & up (blue)
  • Ethernet link at 1GE (green)
Xfinity (née Comcast) plan: 800 Mbps down / 10 Mbps up

Office Intended step-by-step:
  1. Disconnect cable modem from wall outlet
  2. Connect POE filter to office wall coax outlet (if that would work)
  3. Connect [new spare] short coax cable(1) to other end of POE filter
  4. Connect other end of coax cable(1) to "IN" port 2-way splitter
  5. Connect [existing] coax cable(2) from cable modem into one "OUT" port on that 2-way splitter
  6. Connect [vendor-supplied] coax cable(3) to other "OUT" port on that 2-way splitter
  7. Connect other end of coax cable(3) to MoCA adapter
  8. Enable mode switch (mode 2) on MoCA adapter (for DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility)
  9. Connect [vendor-supplied] Ethernet cable to MoCA adapter
  10. Connect other end of Ethernet cable to LAN port of ASUS router
  11. Connect power to MoCA adapter and check that "LAN" light is white
In Kitchen on west side of house:
  1. Disconnect [unneeded] coax cable(4) from wall outlet
  2. Remove Xfinity cable adapter box and set aside for return
  3. Connect [vendor-supplied] coax cable(5) to other MoCA adapter
  4. Connect [vendor-supplied] Ethernet cable to MoCA adapter
  5. Connect other end of Ethernet cable to AppleTV (or whatever hardware)
  6. Connect HDMI cable to both AppleTV and television
  7. Connect power to both AppleTV and television
  8. Connect power to MoCA adapter and check that "LAN" light is white
  9. Wait ~30secs. Afterwards, "MoCA" light should be on as well
  10. Download "Xfinity Stream" from app store (via AppleTV) and configure appropriately

Is there a specific test to see if the POE is functioning correctly? Have seen some setups with two POEs but couldn't determine if I would too.

Or should I give up? I hate having the Comcast techs come as it's a complete crapshoot as to whether they are competent -- at least I care whether my setup works.


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We need to understand the cable path for the MOCA signal. A sketch of you cable layout and which devices are attached where: ISP modem, moca modems, splitters, other coax devices ( DVRs, etc)

Otherwise we are just guessing. Since that 4 way splitter appears to be plugged into the large powered splitter what goes to what mattters.

If the ISP signals to/from the coax modem are restricted to the large powered splitter and your MOCA network does not need to have a path through that large splitter, you would place the MOCA POE filter at the input to the 4 way splitter. Anything else, and we are talking about changing the 4 port for something larger and moving the cables that need MOCA signal but not ISP signal or ISP TV signals to the new splitter.

Some TV DVRs used MOCA but it was not advertised.

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