packet loss

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  1. intArray

    MoCa Packet Loss with TP-Link Equipment

    MoCa Packet Loss with TP-Link Equipment I am at a loss, and have nearly given up on Moca. I have a semi large network of iOT devices for the smart home. No issue and is stable. But every 10 minutes or so my MoCa backhaul to the upstairs Switch and AP experience pack loss for a brief moment. I...
  2. L

    AX86U Dropping on Ethernet and Wifi, Different Devices

    After buying this router last year to solve another lag issue, another issue has been progressively getting worse where devices are randomly and briefly dropping from the internet. It starts off as outgoing packet loss (noticed in VoIP calls, hearing others but not being heard, and in games...
  3. automaton

    RT-AC68U 386.2_6 packet loss on OpenVPN failed connection

    I have an RT-AC68U with a wired Windows box running PingPlotter (although I've confirmed this with a wired Linux box running ping directly as well). Basically at random times nefarious connections are attempted to my OpenVPN server running on the RT-AC68U. The log looks like this: Jul 23...
  4. J

    QOS on Fiber

    Hello all, I'm in need of a little bit of assistance for best course. So I'm running AX86U with Latest Merlin. The issue I'm having is that I'm running a Plex server. That saturates both my download and upload because it's going to/from G Drive. I've tried using wondershaper and trickle on the...
  5. D

    Windows PC WiFi - latency and packet loss

    The issue is that latency will increase and some packet loss will creep in, visible in a traceroute. Other PCs on the network don't experience the issue. Windows 10 PC AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Asus Prime X570-Pro/CSM AM4 ATX Motherboard I have swapped in another wireless adapter in case it had an...
  6. M

    Strange network issue, faulty switch or possible other issue?

    Not sure if this was posted in the correct section, please move it if it belongs somewhere else. TL;DR When my AppleTV is connected to the switch and it puts load on the network, other ethernet devices connected to the switch experience packet loss to/from my NAS that's connected directly to...
  7. E

    Seing packet loss while downloading even if i have plenty of bandwith left over

    Hi!, i have an asus rog GT-AC5300 and im seing packet loss in csgo everytime someone downloads. Even if the person downloading have limit way under the available bandwith i still see packet loss. This goes away the moment the person stops downloading. I have tried both without adaptive QOS on...
  8. P

    TCPdump or wireshark on Asus RT-AC86U (384.14_2)

    Is it possible to use tcpdump or wireshark on Asus RT-AC86U Firmware Version:384.14_2? Some of my messages get dropped or out of order. I should like to debug this little more. Is it some other way of debugging this?
  9. R

    WiFi Latency Spikes Caused By Powersaving - How to disable?

    Hi all I've spent a week tracking down a VERY annoying problem. Every few seconds, my WiFi (any band/channel) on my desktop computer encounters packet loss or high latency. Here is a screenshot pinging my default gateway: I used to get 1-2 ms all day long, but, recently this has started...
  10. M

    psad as an intrusion detection system for Merlin?

    Recently I've known about such util as psad which serves for analyzing iptables logs and detection/prevention of intrusions and suspicious activity in realtime. Is it worth it to install it locally on router as an security solution and have anybody ever had such experience? Just out of...
  11. M

    Lacie NetworkspaceMax LAN problem

    Hi all, I try to ask you because I did a lot of checks but solution seems not be so easy. I summarize the scenario: 1) Network configuration: ADSL Router --> Netgear R7000 Router (1GBit/s LAN) --> NetworkSpaceMAX NAS (1 GBit LAN). Transfer rate from wi-fi very good with NAS. 2) 1 week ago NAS...
  12. Dan Dascalescu

    Router introduces ~1% packet loss in sustained overnight ping test

    TL;DR: I recently bought my first "prosumer" router, an ASUS RT-AC68U, and set it up in repeater mode in front of my phone hotspot (Google Pixel on Verizon, unlimited data). Suspecting some Play-Fi speakers might drop audio due to the router, and wanting to eliminate the router as the cause, I...