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Day/Night Cap Monitoring

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I'm using the RT-AC87U and am really finding the Traffic Analyzer very useful whilst I am on an uncapped ISP account. But I will be moving to a capped fibre account in a few months and the accounts work with a daytime monthly cap and a nighttime monthly cap.

So some analysis on what is using daytime traffic (07:00 to 00:00) and what is using nighttime traffic (00:00-07:00) would be very useful. It will also be critical for me to monitor especially the daytime cap usage during the month (I get 200GB).

Here in South Africa, this is quite a common approach with the capped accounts where there is an uncapped or bigger allowance given for nighttime use, and a smaller cap for daytime use. Obvioulsy a total monthly cap monitor would not help me differentiate. I also have multiple devices connected so monitoring on one computer would not help me.

I can't see any way of reporting on this with Asuswrt-Merlin? Can anyone advise or would I have to consider moving to DD-WRT?

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