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  1. I

    Should I upgrade from WiFi 6, to at least 6e, at this point?

    Hey all, been a while since I've posted a question here. I've been using an Asus RT-AX86U for the past few years. While there is nothing wrong with this router, and everything is working. For future compatibility, would it be ideal to upgrade from this WiFi 6 router to at least 6e? I did...
  2. N

    Cannot upgrade to 388.1 or 388.2

    Hi everybody, I am user of merlin wrt for my router AX88U, I cannot upgrade firmware from 386.8. Trying to Upgrade to 388.1 or to the latest 388.2 gave me an error (see attached file). Is somebody can help me to figure out why without resetting the whole thing? Thanks
  3. C

    Upgrade Poll GT-AXE11000 to GT-AXE16000

    1 GB ISP 55 devices connected with static IP's 4K streaming 2-3 TVs at same time - Main TV's hard wired 4 Cameras multiple Apple devices - 5 homepods - 2 ipads - 2 macbooks No NAS No 6E devices yet I currently have the GT-AXE11000 and looking to upgrade to the GT-AXE16000. I have until...
  4. G

    Entware Entware update fail: libattr cannot be downloaded

    Hi all. I am facing a problem for a bout a few weeks: when I run opkg update / upgrade I am getting this: Now I see glib2 package was not upgraded. And it's not even installed: At the same time I cannot remove libattr: Any ideas how to solve it?
  5. Slapdaddy

    Release ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000 Firmware version

    ASUS GT-AXE16000 Firmware version Try more on ASUSWRT 2022 with new features at https://asus.click/ASUSWRT2022 1. Supported WireGuard VPN server and client. 2. Supported VPN fusion. It can easily achieve VPN connection to network devices like Smart TV, Game consoles and...
  6. C


    Hello everyone, My house has brick walls, and it is time to upgrade from my Asus n56U. My connection is 30MB DOWN and 5 UP. Which router will give me the maximum range? The range is a huge priority. I am not looking for a mesh network. If you have two or three suggestions, that would be...
  7. Phantomski

    Router upgrade - RT-AC88U -> RT-AX86U vs GT-AX11000 Pro vs GT-AXE11000 vs RT-AX89X

    Hi everyone, after the recent Merlin's teaser (thanks!) and new models release, I'm back mulling over the potential router upgrade. I know that RT-AX86U is probably the most recommended model with a great stability and performance and frankly was my chosen future upgrade for quite some time...
  8. G

    Move from N66U to AC86U or AX68U or AX86U?

    I need to replace a dying N66U. I have a new in the box never used AC86U, manufactured in 2018, with hardware version R1.5 and firmware, that I can use. But I'm also wondering about going right to an AX68U or an AX86U instead. I just can't decide which of those two would serve my needs...
  9. P

    Long term, cheap upgrade from RT-AC56U

    Hello, I've been using RT-AC56U with Merlin for good 8 years, and it slowly fails to deliver a good performance, so i started to look after replacement (or even additional device to mesh with AC56) Current use case: - Home, 100m2, 3 levels (attic, living floor with router, basement, (where...
  10. torstein

    Upgrade to AX68U from AX58U, worth it?

    I have the AX58U and it works fine, but it bothers me that it only has 2x2 MIMO and that it apparently has an early draft of the WiFi6-standard, and as such not "Certified WiFi6". The AX68U is now on sale in my country for 40% off roughly. Is it worth the upgrade to AX68U? I mostly just...
  11. Kendo

    Router upgrade

    Dear all, Regarding the image below, I was thinking it will be time for a router upgrade in the near future. Just need to save some money. Currently using the Asus AC68U with Merlin firmware on a Gigabit connection. At the moment I do not own any WiFi6 devices, but that may change later. :)...
  12. I

    Seeking advice for network overhaul (more info in post)

    I am new to the forum and have limited experience with networking. I have gigabit speeds from Verizon FiOS. I currently use their router and am in need of serious improvement. I need to build a network. We have many devices on our network with various uses, including home offices, watching...
  13. R

    Upgrade Aimesh node firmware remotely?

    Hi I'm managing remotely my parents home network (which I've built for them). It consists of 4 RT-AC68Us. I have remote webGUI and SSH access to the router, but I don't have remote access to any local computers there. I've updated firmware to the main AC68U via GUI without any problems, but I...
  14. D

    Upgrade NAS...How to migrate data?

    My older Dlink DNS-323 in Raid 1 (2 WD 1.5tb drives) just seems slow these days, and it has always had pretty poor transfer speeds. So time to think about upgrade, perhaps to Synology DS220. I am pretty sure I cannot just pop the drive out of Dlink into the new NAS and be able to read the data...
  15. R

    Router Upgrade questions? (is it needed)

    Hi Guys, I am currently running RT-N66U router and recently switched to Fibre internet. (1gbup/down). A friend of mine came over and he is really trying to convince me I should upgrade my router for a more expensive one now that I have Fibre. Questions: - What do I gain upgrading? (I am NOT...
  16. A

    Remote Firmware Upgrade

    Hi, normally I would upgrade via web interface on a PC connected on LAN. But due to current situation I can not get access to the router. I have remote access to my RT-AC87U via build in OpenVPN and ssh and wonder if I could remotely upgrade the firmware from current 384.11_2 to latest...
  17. octopus

    Questions about new RT-AX58U

    Hello I will upgrade my routers but have some questions for you running RT-AX58U with merlin software. Has anyone tried USB3 and supported if there is still some interference on the 2.4Ghz radio? VPN client, anyone running AES-256-GCM, AES-256-GBC and noted what "real" speed can be achieved...
  18. captaineo

    Need assistance upgrading my WiFi network

    I am looking for advice on the set up of my Wi-Fi network. I’ve searched the forum but all advice in regards to a similar setup to mine is a few years old and out of date. Thanks in advance for your advice. I live in a single level home with about 1,200 sq. ft. I have gigabit service with...
  19. xavvypls

    Asus RT AC5300 died. Should I upgrade / repair / repurchase?

    So a few days ago a my Asus RT AC5300 died in a power outage / power surge when lightning struck a powerline near my home. I had no problems with this router and it's been an amazing 4 years of use with it. So here's my dilemma. I contacted ASUS about it and they said that since it's not under...
  20. Q

    Your suggestions needed for router upgrade

    Hi all, I need your suggestion for a router upgrade. Actually I'm using an RT-AC66U (Mipsel/Single Core) with Entware-NG. All worked fine, even if I'm stuck to last Merlin fw 380.70, until I upgraded from VDSL 100/20 to FTTH 1000/300. My RT-66U starts soffering... A PC connected to new modem can...