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The best choice in your opinion is:

  • Keep the AC68U.

  • Get the AC86U instead.

  • Upgrade to AX68U.

  • Save more and upgrade to the AX86U.

  • Other, please specify.

Results are only viewable after voting.


Regular Contributor
Dear all,

Regarding the image below, I was thinking it will be time for a router upgrade in the near future.
Just need to save some money.


Currently using the Asus AC68U with Merlin firmware on a Gigabit connection.
At the moment I do not own any WiFi6 devices, but that may change later. :)
Please vote and post your opinion.
Thank you for everyone.


Part of the Furniture


Regular Contributor
Any idea where would be okay to buy the AX86U from (for a normal price), in my area it is simply not available?
Thank you.


Very Senior Member
Use your AC68U until AX86U becomes available. Don't count on 861 + 4804 Mbps with AX86U. Only in Broadcom dreams.


Regular Contributor
Understood, thank you.
The only problem is that someone would buy my AC68U and I cannot keep him waiting for weeks. :)
Let's hope for the best, otherwise will have to choose something else/cheaper.


Regular Contributor
Got the AC86U for a fair price, unfortunately couldn't afford the AX.
Thanks for the help and the votes. ;)

Clark Griswald

Senior Member
Good choice.
Our AC86U has been working so well, I couldn't justify the AX upgrade.
Stay Safe Everyone

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