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  1. B

    Port Forwarding via external VPN Client address to internal address

    I've got an Asus RT-AC1900P running firmward 384.6 Overall, everything is running fine. I have setup a VPN Client (Client 3) with Policy based routing, such that all traffic from two internal machines is routed out the VPN interface: - - The routing out works as...
  2. captainfuzzyface

    DSL-AC68U VPN Client exceptions

    Hi, I've got NordVpn configured as a client VPN service on the router, which is working just fine. However, for iPlayer this blocks all content. Is there a way to configure device or service exceptions on this router. If not is there another way to get them to connect whilst maintaining the VPN...
  3. Skeptical.me

    Just a quick question about QOS

    Does QOS still operate when using one of the OpenVPN VPN Clients? (ASUS RT-AC87U WRT-Merlin Firmware 584.5)
  4. L

    Open VPN Client upload / download swapped AC68U

    When using Open VPN Client on AC68U the upload and download are swapped over. This causes mostly confusion for statistics but can also create mysterious problems. I only discovered this when setting up the VPN and manually set the up/down bandwidth in 'Adaptive Qos / QoS / Bandwidth Setting'. I...
  5. T

    How to access client's LAN being on the server side of OpenVPN

    Hi there, Need some help from the experts on routing and openvpn So here is the thing. My ISP blocks the external IPTV I'm using. Because they want me to purchase that from them which is 10 times as expensive. My friend's ISP doesn't do that. We live in the same city and pings are 1-2 ms...
  6. petrmenzel

    VPN rules for port

    Hi, I have found the settings for rules for the device (via static IP). But how can I set VPN only for one port of connection to this IP? For example: I do not want to go all connections from the device through VPN but only on the specific port. Is it possible to do it in...
  7. C

    VPN Client no longer shows service state / can't update

    Hardware: ASUS RT-AC68U running 380.69_2 Problem: Running VPN on router, but 1) no longer indicating service state, 2) no longer able to update Ovpn files, and 3) sidebar is missing as shown below. The client appears to still be running as the VPN provider is still indicating that I'm...
  8. R

    Trouble with Multiple VPN profiles for single source IP / device

    Hi, I’m new to this forum and fairly new to setting up VPNs. I’ve been searching on the internet and this forum but haven’t come up with anything that was relating to the problem I am facing. I’m having some trouble with VPN profiles on asus Merlin (389.68_4). I’ve got client 1 setup to use...
  9. N

    Asus RT-AC88U AsusWrt Merlin 380.68 VPN Web GUI QUESTIONS

    OK, new to this router so have a couple of basic questions. 1. How do I get rid of "vpn client" entries? I have ended up with duplicate profiles, so want to tidy up. 2. The Web access to VPN clients can seem to become incredibly slow. Is this a known problem? Nick
  10. T

    VPN Clients only showing two instances.

    Guys, Thank you all for possible support and for reading through these various messages to help some of us out. For starters, I am a pretty sick person (crazy amounts of chemo and also MS) so I am pretty forgetful and have troubles getting things working on my own anymore but exhaust what...
  11. ykurganov

    OpenVPN client and traffic bypass

    At first, I'm not a Merlin user yet. But I think about that... I've got an OpenVPN error on the original Asuswrt: Jul 6 01:05:45 openvpn[17462]: [ru8.nordvpn.com] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] Jul 6 01:05:47 openvpn[17462]: SENT CONTROL [ru8.nordvpn.com]...
  12. M

    Double Router OpenVpn Port Forwarding

    Here Is my Scenario : REFS: ROUTER1------------ -IS A ROUTER/MODEM combo. and connects to internet through Isp phone line. Does not support dd-wrt firmware, so the need for second router ROUTER2..............just router only, connects to the wan port of Router1 to get to internet, Flashed...
  13. William Hudson

    Multiple OpenVPN Client Routing Policies through GUI

    I've had a read of several threads regarding multiple VPN routing policies but I can't get this to work through the GUI on an RT-AC88U with the 380.65_4 firmware. I am trying to do this purely on the basis of the destination IP address, for a range of streaming services in the UK. My client1 is...
  14. C

    Wireless router with openvpn client support

    Hi, I am likely going to subscribe to nordvpn at my parents' house. Their connection is currently crap (promised 16mbit for 20 years, they are lucky if they ever got 10 across all the lying providers). I already have nordvpn and although they say no throttling, my 120mbit behind vpn becomes...
  15. P

    Important tip for VPN services on OpenVPN

    If you are using or getting a VPN service, and configuring a client for it over OpenVPN on your Asus router, be aware of this necessary router configuration step that may not be in the provider's documentation: After you load your VPN provider's .ovpn file and adding your credentials, but...
  16. P

    ASUSWRT-Merlin & IP Vanish

    So the people at IP Vanish have changed some settings and now the VPN client needs to be reconfigured. As usual there is no mentioning of ASUSWRT-Merlinon their site so I have my hopes on the community around here ;) I'm running 380.64_2 on a AC87U. On the site of IP Vanish they have posted...
  17. M

    [Solved] Problem With "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down"

    Hi... I have one client PC (IP: using the router (IP: and I want to force it to use VPN or have no internet access otherwise. The problem is that client can still access the internet when the tunnel is down! It is like the settings have no effect at all! I searched and...
  18. W

    Asus AC68U with Client VPN - but Android devices can't access internet!

    I have an Asus RT-AC68U running the latest firmware, and have set up a VPN client connection on the router to give me whole-LAN VPN. It seems to work fine - I can access the internet perfectly well from my Synology NAS (wired), my two Macbooks (wifi), and my other devices (Hive Home, and...
  19. H

    Activate VPN Client via scheduled task

    Hello, I have installed Merlin yet, but I was curious if it would be possible to activate/deactivate a vpn client through a scheduled task? My reason for needing to do it, is that my ISP sends me a notice every time I use torrent downloading, unless I'm connected through a VPN. So, I have...
  20. Skeptical.me

    OpenVPN RT-N66U Certificate

    I've set up the OpenVPN Server on my RT-N66U with Merlin (latest). I'm inexperienced with this and I'm just wondering if I need to generate a certificate in order to use the VPN securely? And if so where is the best place I can fnd instructions for generating your own certificate? The client...