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Tenda D305 WLAN Light off

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New Around Here

I have a Tenda D305 that has been weird for the past 3days, but today the WLAN light is off, I used the WLAN button to turn it on but it didn't work, I did a reset but it didn't work either, I also tried to activate it in the router settings by checking the box that say "Wireless Enable" but when I click OK a red message appears saying "Save Fail"

Can you please help me with this?
I will appreciate your help, thanks!
This is a very old device. The firmware available for it was released 8 years ago. Perhaps it's time to replace it.
Hey thanks for the reply,
I didn't know it was this old, but could this be the cause even though I got it brand new last year?
Tenda products are not popular in my region. What I found is this:

If the available firmware is from 2015 the device is perhaps around this year or older.

If this is your main Internet gateway my advice is to replace it because of security reasons.
Yes it's my only router.

If it can't be fixed, can you please suggest me some other routers that are budget friendly for home usage?
This is an xDSL Modem/Router combo device. Ask your ISP first what devices are compatible with their service. They may suggest available and compatible modem or modem/routers for the service. Virtually anything newer is going to be better than what you currently have.
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I am pretty sure they will suggest me routers they sell, and if I recall correctly according a lot of consumers, their routers are bad.
These are routers listed in their website

TP-Link TD-W8961N
Netis DL4323
D-Link DSL-124 I1
Huawei HG531 v1
Technicolor TD5130 V3
D-Link DSL-2790U
Technicolor TG589 V3
Netis DL4422
Technicolor ADSL/VDSL TG788 V2
All pretty old N300 devices. Not sure what to recommend in this case. Looks like very specific market with specific ISP. Perhaps ask what people around use and are happy with. Sorry, no idea what else is available around you and compatible with this ISP.
That's what I thought they have pretty bad/old models, I didn't know you need specific routers to work with your ISP, and with that in mind now i'm afraid to buy a new router that might not work for me.

I would rather ask you for recommendation than ask my ISP, I'm pretty sure they'll throw one of their prodects as soon as I ask them about recommendations.
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