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3 RT-AC5300's upgraded(384.45149) quickly downgraded(384.32799)

Discussion in 'ASUSWRT - Official' started by Jim Kirk, Dec 8, 2018 at 10:52 AM.

  1. Jim Kirk

    Jim Kirk Occasional Visitor

    Dec 7, 2015
    Fort Lauderdale, FL. USA
    See signature for my RT-AC5300 configuration.

    This reference thread
    also describes RT-AC5300 upgrade issues:

    I have about 25 wired clients and 15 wireless. Before the upgrade, I was set up with a 2.4GHz and two 5GHz bands set up as Smart Connect.
    • I upgraded on a W10 x64 PC using the router Web UI. No problems all 3 upgraded fine and I could see all both nodes and Parent had 45189. I had 3 separate bands as described in the reference thread. Two usable and 1 inaccessible.
    • I then checked iPhone XS max speedtest app while close to each node. Both getting 400-500 Mbps DN and >300 Mbps UP. Looking good at nodes.
    • Then, I checked speedtest at Parent. OMG. 20-50 Mbps UP and about same DN. Sometimes worse. Really bad. Before 45189 I tested as good with my speeds as I was getting at each node.
    After the upgrade I had the a 2.4 band, a usable 5 band and a no longer accessible 5 band. Exactly as described in the thread I referenced.

    So, besides having one of the 5G bands taken from me by the 45149 FW my Parent was hopelessly slow.

    I figured here goes my day and I decided to restore everything back to 32799. Not so, took only about 1/2 hr working from Web GUI with complete success.

    1. I first loaded FW 32799 for the two nodes from the Web UI Administration>FW. Each node rebooted automatically and after each reboot, I refreshed the Parent Web UI interface and it showed 32799.
    2. I then loaded 32799 for the Parent. I rebooted the parent manually and I could access the Web UI. 32799 was on Parent and both nodes.
    3. I had 3 bands with one of the 5G having "_dwb" still at the end of the SID. 5G Smart connect was not on in Wireless>General so I set in back on with a single SID.
    4. Amazingly, all worked well and speeds now all back to normal.
    As LIMJK asked in the reference thread and I strongly second this:

    "Asus, please give me back my Tri-band - Thank You!"
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