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Aimesh 88uPro with XT8, dual tri band

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New Around Here

I have now the following Aimesh setup:

RT AXE88U pro as router and 4 XT8 nodes. My idea was when buying the 88Upro that I would connect 1 XT8 node by cable to the router and that then the other 3XT8 nodes would be capable of using the 5GHz-2 band from the wired backhauled XT8 node, which are triband

However the XT8 will only connect to the AXE88U pro. In the GUI I only see the specs of the AXE88U (meaning two bands). Although when I look at the radios of the XT8 nodes they are all 3 active.

Any solution or suggestion for this?

Yeah, I'm not so sure AiMesh controlling from a dual-band dual-radio router really knows what to do with a dual-band tri-radio unit as a node.

Not that you'll want to run it that way, but experiment with assigning the wired XT8 as an AP and wirelessly mesh the others off of it. You should then be able to configure the radios / backhaul as you wish, fully utilizing the XT8 hardware capability.

You've got me almost curious enough to try that with my two XT8s and GT-AX6000 (so very similar setup equipment-wise). But I don't "do" AiMesh and although my configuration isn't extravagant, I'm not intrigued enough by your dilemma to tear it apart for a test I know will be just a temporary test.

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