Solved 386.4 - Need some help with Broken OVPN to Pihole


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Hi all,

Looking for some suggestions and ideas on what I may be missing on this configuration. I believe everything was fully functional on prior firmware, however have not tested the functionality in a bit.

AX86U -
DHCP Server provides internal IP of PiHole for DNS
WAN DNS configured to OpenDNS servers
VPN Confguration has "Advertise DNS to clients" enabled

When OVPN connects, I get a VPN address, with the proper PiHole address for DNS. I can ping the internal IP addresses, but I cannot resolve any names. This includes internal and external names. Testing device is on an Android phone.

I thought initially it was because of conditional forwarding on the pihole, it was configured only for the LAN segment. Added the VPN segment via a custom config file - and did not have any change. (unless I did it wrong)

I feel like I may be missing something simple here, open to any thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks all!


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@eibgrad Hey, thanks for the response. Yes i can ping the pihole IP. I can get to the GUI via IP:port
I also can verify that in the OVPN logs on the client it shows that the DNS server was pushed with the correct IP.

I tested what you found on the DD-WRT forum and had interesting results. I am a bit confused.

Changing "Listen on all interfaces" (Default config) to "Listen only on interface eth0" and it started resolution over the VPN tunnel. OK, great.

I am glutton for punishment and changed it back... Continued to work. :confused:

Documentation says "Listen on all interfaces" will allow queries only from 1 hop away. VPN in this case should be 1 hop, the router. Listen only on interface eth0 would allow more than 1 hop, i suppose. But then I don't understand why it continues to work?

In any case, thank you for responding, this at least gives me the functionality; I just wish I fully understood why it's now working in the same configuration I had it in before.


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Sorry for double post.

I feel better now.

If I reboot the pihole and try it again it breaks with the default config. Then works again when I listen past 1 hop.

Thanks for the fast response and quick fix. Hopefully this thread helps someone in the future.

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