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6relayd System Log Spam

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Hello SNB, long time lurker here but am needing some help understanding my router.
Currently using Asuswrt-Merlin 380.67 on my RT-AC88U, but I keep getting a spammed message in my logs.

I'm fairly tech-savvy, but don't consider myself a guru in the networking world.
This message appears to be related to IPv6 in some capacity, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at.

Emailing Merlin, I was advised it's an "6relayd" issue, but all I can find is information on its obsoletion in face of something called "odhcpd"

Does anyone have more information on this, or a way to prevent these errors aside disabling IPv6?
I've had to raise the logging level of the router to prevent spamming, but this error would show up multiple times per hour in some cases.

The only sites I could find were... a GitHub entry and OpenWRT info...
Hope I can get something in ELI5 format, or perhaps some information on if this can be removed from ASUS firmware and updated/replaced with this newer "odhcpd" system if possible.

Thanks again!
-resumes lurking-


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