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Access Restrictions no longer functional after failed 388.5 update

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Having used Asus-Merlin, I don't think I've had problems like this before.

Knowing how successful everyone else were with their updates, I'm more frustrated at myself more than anything. Every time I do some maintenance from replacing filters for reverse osmosis tank to updating router firmware, I'm always scratching my head like I don't remember how it's done or what I did before.

So, before I made my first attempt at 388.5 update 24 hours ago, I had enabled access restrictions so that only certain devices were able to connect to router admn.

Despite my failed attempt(s), from time to time, I would try to configure my router settings. And one of the things that stood out, was that if I were to enable access restrictions (only the bottom option, and NOT from WAN), type in my LAN clients, and then click Apply. The page reloads and nothing is remembered. It's as if the router never registered the changes.
If u use this setting make sure you:
1. Make DHCP reservations with the real Mac adress (not random)
2. Use static IP's on the device u are using to enter your router.
3. Do some secure administrarion.

I've done those steps. But I solved my problem: it was corrupted firmware image.

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