Advice on replacing RT-AX92U set

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Hey guys,

My appartment (100m2) has very thick concrete walls and my old network setup (mostly apple routers) would always give issues in certain rooms or when moving around in the house. My main router would be in the living room and the second I would put in the bedroom next to it.
So when I started looking into a solution I felt that a mesh system would solve my problems. Aside from having more range, the routers themselves would decide which connection would best fit my device and where.

Seeing as Wi-Fi 6 is available and I have a few devices already that make use of it, I decided to get the RT-AX92U set. Looking at specifications they have everything I thought I needed.
The unfortunate downside for me is that the AX channel is always reserved for a backhaul, even if connected wired (which it is).

So I'm looking at replacing the set while I can still return it. And I've discovered that certain Asus routers can be expanded with Merlins software. Which is never a bad thing.
While it's a bit more costly, I think that a combination of AX88U and AX56U would more than cover what I want out of my network. The AX56U is the same price as the 82U, but that model does not support Merlin software.
Unsure if that last bit is important as a main router with Merlin software can still connect via aimesh to any stock Asus firmware.

Any thoughts from your end on this?

I've also considered waiting for newer announcements of Asus routers but they're unlikely to release anytime soon.

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