AIMesh/Merlin ASUS RT-AC88u main RT-AC86u node


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Any advise on a newer/stable Merlin firmware with AIMesh using ASUS RT-AC88u as host router and RT-AC86u as wired node???
I’m currently using Merlin on the RT-AC88u (Host).
*** and ***
ASUS official on the RT-AC86u (Node).


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Welcome to the forums @MrBill94592.

Both of those firmwares are out of date. (By a lot).

I would also consider using the better router as the main router too (the RT-AC86U).


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I tried using newer firmware and it did not work
I found a recommendation on this site which stated the versions I used.


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But, did you try using the higher spec'd model as the main router? That would be the RT-AC86U.

Pergola Fabio

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i run too ac88 as main, merlin 382.2.4
and stock firmware on 86u ...

never run merlin on nodes, i had them running , ethernect backhaul, struggled for months, nodes disconnected always after x days, upgraded to stock in node, problem gone!!

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