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ASUS AC5300 with Kwikset Halo Touch Issue

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New Around Here
Currently running an ASUS AC5300 with Spectrum All in one as Gateway. Im having an issue with it draining the 4 AA batteries in my Kwikset Halo Touch Deadbolt smartlock within a couple days. If i reset the Router to factory default, rest network connection on Deadbolt, it will not drain the battery. The moment i have a power surge or for whatever reason lose internet connection, it will reconnect to the lock but it will begin to drain the battery. Even if i power cycle the router, delete deadbolt from routers connection history(in app), reset the network connection on deadbolt, it will drain. Only fix is factory reset on router to factory default(Left on default settings), which then i have to reconnect 20 different smart devices in my home, very annoying. Ive replaced the Deadbolt 3 times, each one does the same thing. Router and Deadbolt are ~10ft away from eachother
Has anyone got any ideas or tips i can try, either resetting or options in the app that might help remedy this issue? No joke, im hundreds of dollars deep in batteries trying to figure this out


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Welcome to the forums @Megasquirter.

Buy a UPS for the router.
Thank you, thats a good idea for the surges. Ill have to get one, never knew they existed lol.
Still just trying to make sense of this and why i have to factory reset the router. I dont mess with any settings at all. Im wondering if there is something i could change within the asus settings to resolve it? It always says the connection is great. What does optimization do?


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