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Asus RT-AC5300 - ISSUE - Please help

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Hi All, So I have Asus RT-AC5300 and things have been fine... I switched from Rogers Cable internet to Telmax Fibre 1.5GB... real fiber they just installed via my home... My router on wifi is only giving me 500 on wifi.. while the cheap Erro router I got from the ISP is giving me 1.3 on download... Is there something or some type of setting that the ASUS AC5300 needs to have in order to get the real speeds? should I factory reset and reinstall? it's so weird that my wifi ( right beside the fibre modem is only giving me this little).... and the cheap one is over 1.3GB... crazy
Your router is limited to 940Mbps on WAN and about 500Mbps on Wi-Fi 5 (AC). It's also 9 years old model and End-Of-Life now.

Amazon eero routers are not cheap. Good Qualcomm hardware and Wi-Fi 6 (AX) from quite some time. It's better than your router.
Thank you for the reply - the issue now is that the wifi strength range is much weaker with the error vs the Asus... so yes standing beside the Eero I'm getting 1.1 download wifi but most other places in the home is 100 to 25.. so I need to do something

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