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ASUS AX88U + FritzBox 7590 AX = ASUS UI HANG and Connection not working

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I don't think I will have the luck here, but is there anybody that has both devices working together as Repeater or media-bridge?

ASUS AX88U, currently running
FritzBox 7590 (AX), any "Lab Firmware" higher than 07.39-94934.

A year ago (March 2022) I already reported this issue to the AVM (FritzBox) Support, then in July 2022 again, but even with the firmware released yesterday it still is not working.

As soon as I install anything newer than 07.39-94934 on the FritzBox the ASUS Router goes crazy.
Even resetting the AX88U and configure from scratch is not working any longer.
Switching from WPA3 to WPA2 doesn't change anything.
As soon as installing the old Firmware 07.39-94934, without changing any configuration, all is working smooth again. But that cannot be the solution, never to install new firmware ...

Wifi connection IS established, but then extreme delays to the gateway IP (FritzBox) when pinging and the AX88U Web UI is nearly unusable, freezing loooong time if working / repsonding at all.

SSH to AX88U is working without a problem from my PC that is connected by cable to the AX88u then, so troubleshooting, looking around is possible there.

So I just hope to find someone who might have the possibility to confirm this problem, too or of course better to find a fix.


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What's the configuration exactly? FritzBox is your main router and Asus is used as a Repeater or Media Bridge?


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yes, FritzBox is main with DSL connection (5 + 2.4 concurrent), AX88U is configured as Repeater with 5 + 2.4 with own different SSIDs (xxx_RPT24 + xxx_RPT5G)


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So what exactly is "ASUS Router goes crazy" behavior with FritzBox newer firmware? Parent AP connection lost, clients disconnect, no DHCP relay?


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The AX88U can still establish a WIFI connection to the FritzBox, but nearly nothing goes through.
Even the AX88U Web UI was most of the time not responding at all. SSH connection at the same time to the AX88U is no problem (LAN).

Update: And other devices like smartphones (Samsung S10) for example, or even my computer wit it's onboard wifi have no problem to connect to the FritzBox and use internet at that time.

Pings from the AX88U to it's Gateway (the main router FritzBox) looks then like this:

PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from seq=20 ttl=64 time=1011.545 ms
64 bytes from seq=21 ttl=64 time=10.597 ms
64 bytes from seq=240 ttl=64 time=3.649 ms
64 bytes from seq=285 ttl=64 time=6.900 ms
--- ping statistics ---
305 packets transmitted, 4 packets received, 98% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max = 3.649/258.172/1011.545 ms

The ASUS AX88U main UI at that time shows:


The FritzBox shows these informations about the AX88U that is connected to it:



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I would try 80MHz wide channel in FritzBox Wi-Fi settings. 160MHz is not guaranteed to work everywhere and uses 8x DFS channels.


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Thanks for the hint, happy to try things.

I can just say it is working totally fine since long time with 160 with the old firmware.

This is from current working state:




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I can just say it is working totally fine since long time with 160 with the old firmware.

Wi-Fi environment in Europe have changed with geopolitical situation around. I would say don't count on 160MHz channel on any firmware. It may work today and stop working tomorrow when something starts scanning the sky more actively. Unfortunately, we have to deal with this in 21st century.

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