ASUS Merlin 386.2_2 AC5300 and AC3100

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Hi All- Recently upgraded to Merlin 386.2_2 on both my AC5300 and AC3100 routers.

I have AiMesh network set up. For some reason, I have one of the nodes (AC5300) that some clients (macbook, ipad, iphone, etc.) seem to constantly bind to rather than roam to the strongest producing node (I do not have binding enabled). (As an example, I have a router in the kitchen and one in the office for hardwired setup)..While in the office, I would expect my iphone to connect to node I am sitting right next to rather than the kitchen...Is there some type of AiMesh "refresh rate" setting I need to play with such that I am connecting to closest node?

Also, the AC5300 router in the kitchen, there are times the speed drops down to ~10MB..after a system reboot it will jump back up to 300+ MB downloads for a couple days, and then act up again. Any thoughts?

Appreciate everyones thoughts/insights.

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